Safety First

Especially if it's the first time your pet is getting a chew, make sure to be with them when they are eating it. Depending on the dog, even some of the softer chews can be a choking hazard. We suggest to never leave your pet alone with a chew.


Size Matters


If it is a harder chew, and not a jerky or sausage, it should be larger than your pet's mouth. Make sure they can't fit the whole chew in their mouth.

Once they work on the chew and it gets smaller, take away the chew or watch your pet closely. Some pets try and swallow pieces too large for them to handle

Trial and Error

We have many different types and styles of chews to try from. It is best to get a selection and find what works best for your pet!

Every pet is different! Ask an employee to show you a selection that will work for your pet's specific scenario.