Bully Stick

Long lasting chews made up of a Bull's, well, private parts. These are all natural, stretched, and dried into different shapes. Great low-calorie, protein-heavy treat! 


Beef Cheek Rolls/Chips/Strips

These look like rawhide, but are made up of entirely beef cheek! Other than Bully Sticks, these are some of our longest lasting chews. They break up into fully digestible, easy to swallow pieces.


Freeze Dried

These chews often have more nutritional benefits than regular chews. They are "dried" by removing the moisture instead of a heat-based baking technique. They tend to be softer than regular chews.


Low / No Odor

Let's be honest, there is no such thing as a completely odorless chew. However, we do have some "low odor" or "no odor" options that will have less of a smell. Ask an employee about which chews aren't as stinky!



These chews may look like rawhide but they're not! Often made with rice flower, these chews are a great substitute to rawhide treats while still having a similar chewing experience.



We know... Everyone knows what jerky is! We have a great selection of dried meats to choose from. They are often sold on a per-ounce basis so they can be a great way to get a sampling of meats at a lower price than buying a full bag.