About Us

Healthy Tails began in 2001 with our location on Mayberry Dr. Today, we have a second location in the South Reno area, allowing us to share the Healthy Tails’ Philosophy with even more of Reno's beloved pets.

We believe you dogs and cats deserve the best, which is why we strive to match them with a diet that helps them live the best lives possible.


Healthy Tails is owned by Lori Johnson. Her family of pets at times has reached 7 (4 dogs and 3 cats). Lori, her son, Dylan, and daughter, Katie, (both involved in the business) are continuing Healthy Tails' mission.


We are dedicated to help your dogs and cats live a long active life by always striving to source only foods and treats from manufacturers that share our same philosophy. We strive to be as organic as possible and take a holistic approach in the supplements and supplies we carry. We want to care for your pet’s health, maintenance, digestion, skin issues, pain and aging in the most natural way possible.