Our Philosophy 

It is Healthy Tails’ philosophy that most health conditions can be greatly improved by good nutrition. We are very particular about the foods and treats we carry in our stores. Our pets are our babies just as your pets are your babies. We continually ask the manufacturing processes or sourcing policies of our suppliers. Continually...
Healthy Tails is very loyal to its customers; wanting each of you to get the food that will give your dog or cat the best quality of life. We will spend as much time as needed to get the most input from you on your pet to help you make the decision on what to feed your pet and what supplements we think can help with an issue. We would love to work with you to try and find foods, supplements and treats to improve the health of your pets. We offer nutritional advice and excellent customer service. We guarantee everything that we sell. 
If you are feeding a food that doesn’t have quality ingredients, and your pet is having some issues, such as itching, scratching, or biting, it could be that those issues can be eliminated or greatly reduced by just changing your pet’s food and choosing a food with quality ingredients.
We carry foods with novel protein sources, such as rabbit, pheasant, bison, kangaroo and others. Many of our foods are grain free. We also carry foods that are made with novel carbs such as pea, garbanzo beans etc. for those pets who have potato allergies or intolerances. Allergies are an auto-immune problem and if you do not do something to boost the immune system of your pet, you will not see long-lasting change. We carry many supplements and quality products such as prebiotics, probiotics, fish oil, Vitamin C etc. for your pet. In addition, we carry supplements for pain or aging issues, such as CBD infused treats and oils.
We carry many brands of kibble for dogs and cats. Many are grain free, use different oils, and have limited proteins and ingredients. However, if kibble is an issue with your pet, we also carry options such as limited ingredient canned food, Honest Kitchen and raw food. We still recommend feeding supplements with a raw food diet to help with your pet’s digestion.

Home based diets are great, but in today’s world, it can be very hard to commit to, as it is time consuming and takes much research. We are always happy to help you with any nutritional information we can provide.