About Us

The idea for Healthy Tails started in 2001, in Reno, Nevada, to help a sick puppy and grew into the company it is today. Looking for good dog foods and supplements at that time was hard.

If one puppy could be helped, think of all of the dogs and cats out there that could benefit from all the research put in to help that one puppy.
Today, Healthy Tails is owned by Lori Johnson. Her family of pets at times has reached 7 (4 dogs and 3 cats). Lori and Managers Sean and Amy are continuing Healthy Tails mission to supply you with the most natural and organic foods and supplements for your pets.

Healthy Tails is dedicated to help your dogs or cats live a long active life by carrying foods and supplements for health, maintenance, digestion, skin issues, pain, and aging. Pictures of just a few of our babies are to the right.